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Anyone after SLC with 2nd division from non technical stream can get the admission with entrance test. But, the technical graduates do not need to appear in the entrance test examination.

Notice of admission
As the course is designed under anytime study with anytime admission, the otice of admission will be announced as early as we have the seats vacant in newspaper and television.

Study materials
DIOIT provides revised and up-to-dated study materials and hands-out at the time of admission. The Students can also have tutorial and guest lectures time to time.

Project/Field Work
As stated earlier, the course is based on practical and hands-on experience for industry relevant perspective, the students have t work in field as a project work. After 1 year of college study, the students are required to do field work for 3 years as per prescribed format by the college. In field work, he students can involve as a volunteer or paid internship in various computer related business house.

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