Skilling Testing

A skill testing is the corresponding performance test based on the occupational skill standard which must be demonstrated by every individual to obtain a "National Skill Certificate" indicating that the certificate holder meets the requirements of a trade/occupation.

Test and Examination

On the basis of evaluation process, the examination is divided into an internal & external. Where as the internal examination will be held in college and evaluated internally. But the assessment report has to be submitted to CTEVT (Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training) for 3rd level examination along with the supporting documents. while the external or board examination known as Occupational Skill Testing and Certification will be taken by CTEVT after the completion of international examination and 3 years of project works.

Target Group of Skill Testing

  • Pass-outs from pre-employment vocational training wishing to facilitate their transaction to work.
  • Experienced workers (employed or unemployed) lacking and official certification.
  • Workers who, at the end of in-service training, seek an upgraded or additional certificate.

Advantage of Skill Testing

The advantage of skill testing can be divided into three different perspectives.

View point from government

  • The opportunity to protect public health and safety by making certification in some occupational area compulsory.
  • Help to raise public living standards by influencing the quality and quantity of persons trained in the technical training institutions.

View point form employers

  • Recruitment of technical staff made easier.
  • Promotion and salary negotiation made easier.
  • The availability of more skillful national technical workforce.

View point form employees

  • Proof of achievement in his/hir occupation.
  • Freedom to move freely in resonse to career opportunities.
  • Increased opportunity to join labor organizations.
  • More efficient training programs, increased pride and status.
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