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Introduction to DIOIT

Welcome to Dioit

Information is defined as a processed data that can have a special meaning and application. The branch of engineering  that deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to retrieve, store and transmit information is widely defined as Information Technology. Information Technology indeed in today's world is crucial and a part of human activity from solving a minor to major problems. Information Technology has been implemented in most of industries from producing even a needle to rockets and missiles. So, the use of Information Technology, in this modern world, has been increased exponentially day by day. In a broader sense, communication and information technologies are the foothold on which humankind distinguished itself from animals and other creatures. The technology that adapts the overall human activities for solving daily business transaction is governed by Information Technology. Therefore, one who does not have the knowledge of Information Technology is as a human without soul and spirit.

Why dioit ?

 This institute of information technology has been developed as one of the mafor feather of D.A.V. to provide world's most demanding education in Information Technology. Although, there are mushrooming institutions and producing thousand of graduates annually, but are not competent, self-starter and job oriented to lead the market challenges due to lack of relevant knowledge and hands-on experience. Thus, we, a group of highly educated, experienced and dedicated IT professional of D.A.V. decided to developed this wings as one of the pioneering body for providing IT education for all. The integrated course according to the syllabus of CTEVT would really be job oriented and practical based to have the door opened in all sectors in this emerging world. According to our traditional of excellence, we believe that nobody after the successful completion of degree from DIOIT should stay idle.

Our Salient Features

  • Leading IT education provider with only of its kind with unique curriculum.
  • Dual certification program ( One is from DIOIT and another is from CTEVT)
  • Ultimate destination of Technical Graduates.
  • Experienced, educated, qualified and dedicated faculty members.
  • Full of intensive and scientific methodologies of teaching.
  • Provision of scholarship for genius, disadvantaged and underprivileged students.
  • As the course is based on practical application, introduces the technology of hardware engineering such as RMI ( Remote Machine Interfacing), Robotic design and implementation etc.
  • Training through Audio Visual paradigm.



Our Mission and Vision

A skill testing is the corresponding performance test based on the occupational skill standard which must be demonstrated by every individual to obtain a " National Skill Certificate" indicating that the certificate holder meets the requirements of a trade/occupation.


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Our Facilities and Infrastructures

After the successful completion of their course from our college, and according to the standard, norms and values, there is a provision of placement scheme under On Job Training (OJT) program.

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